The Road to Happy

I always joke that my backup job when I grow up is to be an inspirational speaker.

Fun fact: not totally joking.

I’ll tell you a secret — in high school, I was not like this. I was not a cheery little ray of sunshine all the time. I was run-down and overwhelmed and stretched entirely too thin to worry about anyone but me. I found more solace in being alone. I didn’t like this feeling at all, and I didn’t think I was doing anything to make people remember me.

At some point between graduating high school and starting college, in those three months of hiking a lot and kinda-but-not-really looking for a job, I discovered a love for quotes. Emerson, Mary Oliver, more Emerson. Bits of prose and poetry about living life to its fullest and finding love and finding yourself.

I now write down these kind of quotes as I find them and pin them onto my desk bulletin board or put them into picture frames in my living room.


Because everyone needs a little pick-me-up every now and again, right?

It’s these quotes — telling me to go hike or to be kind or to take risks — that keep me humming. Is any of this making sense? My brain and my heart feel better when there are pretty words telling me like it is.

I’m going to end this rambling post here. (But comment with your favorite quote from a author or poet. Sharing is caring!)


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