Where have all the good vlogs gone?

There are few things that I love more than hearing musicians talking about music. Two nights ago, while I was “doing homework,” I found the perfect outlet.

Noah and the Whale, in case you were painfully unaware,is a fantastic band. CHARTattack did a short interview with frontman Charlie Fink and violinist Tom Hobden about the influence of illegally downloading music (side note: Charlie is super adorable and British, so there’s that).  The interview opens with some sass about illegal downloads, bowling puns and archived film cut-ins. It’s well narrated, à la Anthony Bourdain in No Reservations, and makes you truly think about downloading songs (or at least, it aims to).

Now, let’s ask this. Why have I not come across vlogs like this before? Most musician interviews include choppy video, boring questions and awkward pauses. This vlog, however, is artfully shot and edited. The guys being interviewed sound at ease, making jokes with each other. It flows well and is both enjoyable and intriguing. I don’t know why this strikes me so strongly, but it does.

In my opinion, here is what a good music vlog must have:

  • Jokes! Puns! Something!
  • Make you vlog look nice. HD film, clean editing, good graphic design. The musicians put a ton of effort into their craft, and you should do the same.
  • Interesting questions. Ask them about the music industry, their favorite pre-show ritual, their favorite vinyl that they own. Not how the show just went.
  • Act cool, for goodness’ sake. Make it a conversation.

Do not just:

  • Come into an interview without any questions planned at all.
  • Slap the video in because you think the audio is more important. It’s a video blog for a reason!
  • Remove your personality from the video.

Music vloggers, your standards must be raised!

In the mean time, I’m going to watch every Tiny Desk concert that NPRMusic has uploaded.


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