Time and Time again

Time Magazine has been a longstanding icon of hard journalism — international issues reporting, human interest pieces, mean-mugging profile portraits. It’s been one of those steadfast magazines that has no plan to fold.

When I was buying some delicious caffeinated beverages at Wal-Mart last week, a special Time issue caught my eye. It was gorgeously designed, printed on thick gloss paper and 112 pages long. To boot, it was one the topic of “good, healthy food.” Universe, meet the Time Book.

Dec. 2012 issue
Dec. 2012 issue
Sept. 2011 issue
Sept. 2011 issue

Turns out, there was a special nutrition edition Sept. 12, 2011 by the same title, and another cover story Dec. 3, 2012. While they’re great articles, neither are up to par with the glory that is a Time Book. The topic of good food isn’t just the issue’s anchor story — it IS the issue.

The book is 100+ pages dedicated solely to talking about healthy, good-for-you, good-for-your-soul food. Some are old articles from the Time archives, some are new reporting. It covers an expanse of topics, from the perks of frozen fruits and veggies to the modern local food revolution. It consults chefs, nutritionists and experts from a variety of fields. As you might have known, the food industry is one of those that wiggles its way into all others: business, health, pharmaceutical, fashion, industrial. The topic of food pervades our personal lives so deeply that it should seem quite shocking not as many people pay closer attention to what they eat.

Now that's what I call design.
Now that’s what I call design.

My thoughts on the Time Book, food aside, are all positive. It is a lengthy, extended edition made to be a collector’s item. It can be read and re-read, since it was made to be kept, not necessarily to be timely. Of course, scientific discoveries about food change, but not at the “news circuit” pace. The Book contains recipes from the editors of Cooking Light, helpful hints on grilling, good insight into the health food revolution (which I am 150% on board for) and other articles. It is, if you’ll excuse the horrendous pun, essentially timeless. As a human being, and especially as a Polish human, food is always is the front of my mind. It is something I know I’ll be referring back to time and time again.


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