An Awfully Big Adventure

In 15 hours and 48 minutes, my plane will be taking off. In case you didn’t know, I’m going to Alaska. To be a Girl Scout camp counselor. For two and a half months.


An example of the platform tent I'll be staying in all summer.
An example of the platform tent I’ll be staying in all summer.

I’m crazy excited. Alaska is waaay further north than I’ve ever been before, and I’ll be further off the grid for longer. I’ll be in charge of young girls – making sure they make friends, sleep enough, pack well for hikes and make enough friendship bracelets. I’ll also be in charge of taking care of me, working with my co-counselors and not being carried off by giant mosquitos in my sleep.

Summer is such a time for learning and living and giving, giving, giving. I plan on flying back into Missouri on August 12th as a more spiritually centered, tanned and wizened human. Hopefully Alaska has the same plan for me.

I won’t have a whole lot of access to my computer, obviously, but I do hope to be able to blog once a week. A weekly recap, of sorts.  I want to share what I’ve seen (mountains, bears, sunrises), heard (camp songs, rushing water, giddy laughter) and learned (how to live in a tent for 11 weeks, lessons from my campers, how to avoid killer mosquitos).

Message/text/email me your address and I’ll try to send you a postcard! In the mean time, keep an eye out for pictures and posts about camp.

Hope you all have an awesome summer as well!


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