Lessons from Alaska, part II: grit, granola and flannel

I am going to keep this short and sweet, but let’s just say Alaska is still amazing. I learn more about working with kids, my mental strength, my physical strength and the wonderful capability of people to rise to the challenges presented to them.

I have become so gritty, y’all. My body is stronger (although I do have shin splints from trekking all over the concrete in Anchorage). My mind is stronger. I am building up tenacity like I haven’t before. I wear even more flannel and ever more fleece-on-fleece than I did before, which is really something. I have been designated as one of the most granola in our staff, and I am glad to wear that ground.

I am coming home from a two-day trip to Anchorage in which I was a total tourist, looked like a bag lady and spent entirely too much money. It was a welcome change from a two-week-long session, but I will admit I am itching to get back to camp. I feel entirely too clean and materialistic, and I can’t wait to be covered in dirt and surrounded by kids again. I really do believe I have the best job on the planet.

It really is amazing what you learn by forcing yourself out of your comfort zone, out of your circle of mastery. You learn to dig deep within yourself as much as you learn to ask for help from those who know more than you. I am growing, growing, growing and so grateful for it.

I would love to tell you every amazing success story, every frustrating struggle, every moment of camp, and that would take entirely too long. I will forever have camp songs stuck in my head and I don’t think I’ll be actually fully clean for a while after getting home. Camp changes a person like that.

Check out my Instagram for more regular photo updates. Hope y’alls’ summers are going super well!

100 percent in my element.
100 percent in my element.

Casual mountain view after I hiked up Bodenburg Butte

No filter needed. Sorry Instagram.
No filter needed. Sorry Instagram.

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