A word from Hanna Jacunski

Here’s a thing I wrote today for my anti-bullying organization, Peer to Peer.

Peer to Peer MU

Bullying sucks. Feeling like a victim sucks. Being nervous about every subtle move of your awkward knees or if your brand-new reading glasses look dumb on your acne-ridden nose sucks. Your nose that you’ve never liked (thank you, genetics).
Bullying is based in shame. It can escalate to violence (cue that really terrifying scene of Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story), but is usually quiet. It is a sly comment, just under the hearing radar of every teacher, parent, firefighter, adult do-gooder in the vicinity.
Bullying is repetitive. It is every day. It is every encounter. It is every attempt to change.
“You’re fat.”
“You’re fat.”
“You’re fat.”
Bullying is permanent. It is never quite feeling good enough because some boy who’s name you will never forget didn’t think you were good enough. A boy who thought he was better than you got the best of you. You weren’t…

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