Tunesday: This One’s For The Girls

Tunesday, part two! I hope to see some Tunesday posts from y’all as well. I want to listen to want makes your heart tick, and I want new tunes to listen to.

1. “Go Away My Lover” by Elizabeth and the Catapult as performed at Rockwood Music Hall

I saw EATC live a few years ago when she opened for Greg Laswell in Austin. She’s sassy and goofy and has an absolutely amazing voice. I really love this song because it’s a fem-anthem of sorts — an “I don’t need no man to make me a woman” sort of vibe. It’s not how I feel right now, but it’s how I want to feel.

2. “Love the Way you Lie” by Eminem ft. Rihanna as covered by Lisa Scinta

I found this cover floating around Tumblr years and years ago, and it hit me pretty instantly. Something about her voice singing both the male and female parts makes it that much more powerful of a song. This song has always been kind of painful: that fine, fine line between love and hatred. Without Eminem’s more aggressive rapping style, the tone and weight of the song truly come out.

3. “Woman” by The 1975 as performed on 96X Studio

This song, y’all. Matty wrote this about a prostitute he met (and didn’t sleep with) when he was very young in Belfast. He has said he fell in love with the way she used her femininity for her own gains, rather than solely for the service of others. It’s a heartbreaking song, but reminds us women that our bodies belong to us, not to those we let look at them. Here’s the extended EP version (that’s actually better but doesn’t fit the Tunesday rules).

Comment below with your own Tunesday songs or links to your Tunesday posts.
Remember: no studio versions.


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