A Very Important Question:

…in the scheme of blogging, that is.

If I set up a Facebook page for my blog, would you “like” it, comment on it or share content? I would love to have more avenues to interact with all of you lovely followers and subscribers, and I think a FB Page might be just the thing to do it. If it’s not something y’all would be into, though, it would be pretty useless.

So, chime in! Please be honest (it won’t hurt my feelings)(promise).

Thank you! I’ll let y’all know the results when they become definitive.

Columbia's God-awful weather rages on. Please send hot chocolate.

We’ve missed two days of school this week because of snow and ice, and today’s windchill temperatures are barely above 0 degrees. Please send snowsuits, hot chocolate and prayers for sun. Thank you in advance. 


4 thoughts on “A Very Important Question:

  1. I tend to post my blogs on my Facebook & Twitter. Viewer traffic originates from different points. Please follow me on WordPress, my Twitter at @ronfeir, and my Facebook at Ronald Feir.

  2. I don’t follow you on Facebook, but I think it would be interesting. However, s the voice of recent experience, I can tell you that getting people other than your family and friends to interact is challenging

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