Tunesday: The Ever-Elusive Mashup

Hi friends. I skipped last week’s Tunesday because I was too busy to blog to keep y’all on your toes. But we’re back!

Mashups are some of my favorite musical adventures — and some of the hardest to pull off. Most artists tend to avoid mashups live, it seems, because they’re usually done with the aid of in-studio layers.

Some, however, are beyond successful. Here are three of my current favorites.

1. “Give Me Love” and “Say Something” as covered by Jon Green

So Jon Green is a friend and classmate of mine, but I didn’t find out until months after we worked on a semester-long group project together that he’s insanely talented. This is one of his most recent covers, but I urge you to go listen to all of them.

Jon, you’re a superstar.

2. “Say My Name” and “Cry Me A Rive” as covered by The Neighbourhood

I love Jesse Rutherford’s voice, and this Endsession version is priceless. This mashup is slowed down and stretched out into some sort of sexy-smoky-jazz-café rendition, and I can’t get enough. Plus, Jesse takes a Snapchat of the crowd, so that’s awesome.

3. “We Can’t Stop” as covered by Bastille

Bastille, my beautiful babes. They mash up “We Can’t Stop” and “Achy Breaky Heart,” with surprise sample appearances of “Lose Yourself” and “Just Can’t Wait To Be King.” It speaks volumes about what the band thinks of the Miley scandals that plaster the tabloids every other week, and they do it all live in the BBC Radio I Live Lounge. My roommates and I are responsible for probably more than half the views.

If you have ideas for Tunesday themes, comment them below!


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