When the going gets tough …

… the less-than-tough don’t blog for almost a month.
I’m so sorry, y’all.

There have been a lot of very important (and a lot of menial) things happened in the life of Hanna recently, and blogging has unfortunately fallen down many, many rungs in the priority ladder (below sleep and wringing my hands, usually).

Here’s the short list on what has happened since my last post at the end of February:

  • Mizzou Dance Marathon raised over $176,000 for the University Children’s Hospital
  • I got accepted to study abroad on the journalism internship program in Brussels, Belgium.
  • I made a LinkedIn account (wow, I know).
  • I have less than $11 in my bank accounts combined.
  • I lost a ring.
  • My hair got long.
  • My parents and brother came to Columbia to visit me.
  • And I broke my teeth.

More updates and an actual blog post are on their way. Just wanted to remind everyone that I haven’t forgotten about you and this wonderful community of humans I get to discuss and share with on the Internet.

Have a great weekend!




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