“Follow Me!”

Things I like:

  • bees
  • honey
  • baby goats
  • concerts in hometown bars
  • rosemary plants
  • striped shirts
  • nice tattoos
  • finding new ways of doing things I’ve been doing inefficiently for years and years

Things I don’t like:

  • how often I post random things on Facebook

I’m making a change or two, friends. And by changes, I just mean I’m simply streamlining my social media process.

Twitter: for sharing cool stuff, news stories, etc
WordPress: for long-form writing on ethics, feminism and travel
Instagram: for posting photos purely for aesthetic purposes
JamsLikeJelly: for constant music posts
Facebook: for photos with friends/travel/etc, talking with group projects and sharing things with specific people

Different platforms were designed for certain types of communication and should be treated as such. Until now, I’ve just been posting whatever on wherever and probably annoying all the wrong people. Follow (or unfollow) what you need.

Introducing control and patterns into a life almost defined by going-with-the-flow and spontaneity is a good thing, right? I can’t think of an easier or more productive way to do that than by posting less nonsense on Facebook.

Let’s see how this goes, friends. Happy Wednesday!



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