What I Mean When I Talk About Homicide

“I’m gonna kill all men.”

I said that at least three times Saturday night.

I scream about murder more often than what is probably acceptable, but I don’t mean it. I am not going to act on any of these words. I am not going to kill anyone. I am not even going to throw a punch.

But believe me when I say my teeth are bared.

To every man who has leered at me as I walk to class or work or the mailbox;
who has screamed “Fuck you, fat bitch!” at a friend of mine from car;
who has thrown a tantrum when presented with being “just friends” with a girl.

To the man who left my friends shaking, shivering, sobbing into my shoulder,
scared and confused and angry and destroyed after discovering a violent streak,
one that laid in wait before pouncing, our fragile trust scattered to the wind.

To every man who has stood by and laughed while his friend mimed jerking off
onto my group, who had just asked to be left alone while we were
taking care of a drunk, sick friend past midnight on a Saturday.

To every man who has followed a woman toward her home,
infringing upon the one place she is supposed to feel safe and
free from prying eyes, prying smirks and prying stares.

To every man who has ever hurt a sister of mine,
to every man who has ever hurt me,

I am a step away from violence.
I will hit back.
I will fight fire with fire.

You can bet your ass this is my battle cry.



11 thoughts on “What I Mean When I Talk About Homicide

      1. This cracks me up.

        Let’s change this to any other specific group of people and see what happens…

        To every black person who (something stereotypically bad)
        To all the women who (something stereotypically bad)
        To all Mexicans that (something stereotypically bad)

        Now I can be labeled as racist or mysogynistic, because I am listing very negative examples to paint these people in a negative light. But somehow it’s only labeled as sexism if women don’t approve of it.

        You are the very reason people believe feminists are “man haters.” This isn’t fighting for socioeconomic equality, this is screaming like a child who cannot get her point across with logic. Making empty threats behind a keyboard? Oooooh, every evil man is scared now….

        If this is what being a (self-professed) “lioness for feminism” is, then I want no part in this ideology.

      2. I find this personally offensive. If you are going to start a dialogue with me, try again without calling my article “screaming like a child.” This “ideology” exists not for you, but because of you, and it doesn’t need you to carry on.

      3. Then we have another set of problems to tackle (on top of the already existing ones).

        Of course you find it personally offensive, this is your article, and it would only be offensive if it was true. If you want to be a journalist prepare for critics and be able to back up what you write or no one will take you seriously.

        There is hardly any solidarity to be found in feminism right now. If you subscribed to Emma Watson’s brand of feminism then it absolutely would be for me as much as it is you, as she so eloquently stated at the UN. If you subscribe to an antiquated brand of feminism that takes pride in hating men, then you would be right. But no, it doesn’t exist because of me. You know nothing about me, and for you to assert that I have oppressed women in any certain way or assume that I am not a feminist myself is plain ignorance. Of course it doesn’t need me to carry on, much like it doesn’t need you to carry it on. What was the point of that statement?

        Aside from my main point (that this article gives a very harsh version of modern western feminism), I would like to point out that fact that you seem to make light of homicide. You, someone who I am willing to bet has never been around their friends purposefully dying at the hands of another human, has the nerve to assert it’s okay to joke about because you “never would.”

        This is not feminism. This is man hating. By definition you are going against feminism by playing one side of the field. Who do you really stand for, and what is your denomination of “feminism.”

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